Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Project: Jungle terrain 3

Hi there, I'd like to show you some progress I made on the jungle terrain pieces I'm building.
So here's the wall from last time, allmost done. I think it needs some green washes on the stones, to make it look a little older, and wether to add trees or not, still puzzling a bit.

So whilst still puzzling about the first wall section, I allready started on a second piece, which is going to be an overgrown altar.
For this I piled up three layers of styrodur and cut in a stone pattern.

I found this to be easier then putting it together brick by brick, which would 've been very time consuming.

After that I added a stairwell and a big stone (where you could tie up your victims ready to be sacrificed mwuhahahaha) and added stones and sand.

After that I painted the whole thing brown and went over with a couple of dry brush layers. When the paint dried I added a soft green wash and waited for the thing to dry.

When the wash had dried, I added some foliage and called it a day.

So what do you think, it still needs more green I know, but should I add in big trees, or leave it at a diversity of grasses

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